Guest Paging Systems

You might think that maybe Long Range Systems customer or guest pagers are 'just like the rest'? Well think again. LRS INVENTED the coaster pager back in 1993 and since then we have been innovating and developing systems that help all types of industries be more efficient, offer their customers better service and increase bottom line profits. Our new CS7 is a world leader with message acknowledgement back to the transmitter - the only guest paging system to do this.

Useful information:

Our systems are capable of reprogramming pagers on site if necessary so when one is broken or lost its a simple matter to install another easily. Our new CS7 can actually return a 'page' to the transmitter that acknowledges that the message is received by the pager. This enhances the system dramatically. By far the best feature of our equipment is just how robust it all is - we have customers out there with pagers over 10 years old!

Customer and Guest Pagers

cs7-coastercallThe LRS CS7 and Coaster Call is probably the most used customer pager today in the world. These units stack up to 15 high and you can charge up to 60 with 4 charging bases. The rubber bumper helps stop damage from being dropped and the anti theft is excellent. These can flash or vibe and can stack on the charger any way around. No other coaster pager does this and its usually important when you're busy. Colours include red, green and blue, multicoloured and white.

adverteaserFirstly, the Adverteaser has no speaker holes or other entry areas that could harbor bacteria, and unlike some products this unit is really easy to maintain and keep safe. There is an ability to place advertising on BOTH SIDES of the Adverteaser so you can double the promotions. Find customers or guests fast and reduce walk aways and stop that overhead paging which often affects the customers environment. Quote more accurate wait times to customers waiting.

alphacoastercallThe Coaster Call pager changed the way that customers are recalled forever. With the reduction of walk aways, increased efficiency and faster table turns all this adds up to one thing - increased bottom line profits. And now with the Alpha Coaster Call you can send a message to the customer to keep them informed and even use that facility to PROMOTE offers within your establishment. This pager is unique in the industry and remains an LRS patent. No speaker holes for bacteria to lurk and very easy to clean.

cellphonepagingThe T7470 transmitter is one of LRS premium transmitters. It has uses for staff paging AND customer or guest paging with a twist. No matter where your user of the pager is, they can be contacted because the T7470 has SMS Text paging, voice messaging or LRS pagers. You now have complete freedom to do what 's best for you and your customers. This transmitter is the only complete solution on the market for contacting guests. It combines the best of all technologies available today in one neat design. Because it can call LRS pagers and cell phones, you never have to worry about guests missing their notification call. Text-only systems limit your ability to contact guests that either don't have a cell phone or who are reluctant to give out their cell number; But the Freedom system has the ability that you can reach every single guest or staff member every single time.

customlabelsAnyone can create custom labels, but you will find often that the lower cost products are either made of paper or similar materials and they wear out rapidly. Our custom labels are guaranteed to NEVER wear off the coaster call. Our Adverteaser inserts are cost effective while offering a high quality product. Small quantities are catered for too.



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