CheckPoint Electronic Survey System

This product is now discontinued.

Why this LRS product:

There are many survey devices out there - from kiosks, secret shoppers, 0800 numbers, management communication, employee communication right down through applications for cellphones and even simple cards that customers just might fill out. But often the pricing is high or the solutions don't offer a realistic feedback opportunity. This device (in the UK) had 273 responses from one restaurant in just one day. The Reports were in the customers hands by 10:30 AM the next day. The unit can page a manager on negative feedback too.

Features and Benefits

checkpointCheck Point ( which replaced the Allegiant) electronic device is the fastest, easiest way to survey customers visiting your store.

Its a touch screen survey device.
Present the survey with a check or a receipt.
Custom surveys designed by you.
Access to continually updated reports securely.

Please contact us for more information on Check Point.


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